First of all upload the multistep-product-configurator folder/zip the to your wordpress plugin directory and activate it in your Plugins page. If you do not know how do that – just google it. There are a many tutorials that explain how you do that.


Required woocommerce hook

If you are using a theme with custom woocommerce templates, this hook needs to be in the content-single-product.php and must not be removed from the theme author:

do_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary' );

If this is hook is missing, the module can not be displayed on the frontend and is bad coded from the theme author. You need to contact the theme author and tell him to fix that.


Enable MSPC for  a variable product

You can use MSPC only for variable products, of course. Just create a variable product with some variations. If you do not know how to do that, WooCommerce offers a nice tutorial on it. The attributes of your variations will be used in the Multistep Product Configurator. Just enable MSPC in the Product Data Metabox.

MSPC Attributes Panel



Attribute Thumbnail & Description

In the Attributes admin page you can set a thumbnail and a description for an attribute. The MSPC plugin will add an adittional field to set a thumbnail for an attribute. The thumbnail size is controlled via the dimensions that you set for the “Single Product Image” size in the General settings of WooCommerce.

You can only use attributes that created via the “Attributes” admin page, setting attributes in the data panel when editing a product is not supported.


Fancy Product Designer Parameters

Required versions:

  • Fancy Product Designer – WooCommerce plugin V1.2.1
  • MSPC V1.0.2

If you are using Fancy Product Designer plugin for WooCommerce you can interact with the variation attributes and the product stage of Fancy Product Designer.

[message type=”with_icon” icon=”fa-exclamation” icon_size=”fa-lg” icon_color=”#ffffff” background_color=”#edc951″ close_button_color=”#ffffff”]Attention

Do not use the same name for an attribute (term) in different taxonomies, that will overwrite each other. For example you create a “Size” taxonomy for your “Shirts” and for your “Cards”. If you enter “Small” as attribute in both taxonomies, it will overwrite each other. This is known wordpress bug.

Just create unique attributes, e.g. “Shirt Small” and “Card Small”.[/message]